Hawke’s Bay DHB staff are struggling with heavy workloads and say patient care is being compromised because of it, Labour’s Health spokesperson Annette King says.

A Care Capacity Demand Management Survey obtained by Labour under the Official Information Act reveals 90 per cent of staff employed by the Board believe their workload is too heavy, with 66 per cent saying they are pressured to take on extra patients despite arguing it compromises care.

"The majority of them have also missed meal breaks, worked unpaid overtime, and been unable to take annual leave because of staff shortages.

"Almost 70 per cent have gone to work in the last six months when they have been sick because they didn’t want to let their colleagues down.

"This situation won’t just be playing out in Hawke’s Bay. Other DHBs are under the same sort of pressure.

"Not having the staff and resources to meet demand is symptomatic of an underfunded health system.

"These are frontline workers. They are committed to providing the best possible care. When they are raising fears about unsafe work environments then someone should be listening.

"That someone should be Health Minister Jonathan Coleman. Unfortunately he appears more eager to continue his predecessor’s habit of pumping out so-called ‘good news’ and blaming others."

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