Learn natural remedies for accidents and emergencies in Hawke's Bay


There is a lot more you can do to help yourself and loved ones besides taking pharmaceutical drugs after accidents and in an emergency.

The Homeopathy Hub are offering a 4 hour short course on homeopathic medicines for accidents and emergencies.

This course is suitable for everyone but especially if you are a parent, athlete, coach or simply accident prone!

After a brief introduction to homeopathy you will learn how and when to use this effective, natural medicine which is safe for all ages and stimulates the body’s self-healing response.

If you want to know more check out www.homeopathyhub.co.nz.

What you get for $70 per person is your very own Accident & Emergency Homeopathy Kit and plenty of practical examples along with written remedy indications to complement conventional emergency treatment procedures for example:
Shock  Haemorrhage  Minor burns  Stiff or torn muscles, ligaments, tendons  Bruising  Swelling  Crushed injuries  Puncture wounds  Concussions  Hypothermia  Sprains & Strains  Allergic reactions  Bites & Stings  Pain

When: Wednesday 20th and 27th May from 7 - 9pm

Where: Homeopathy Hub @ Bay Babies 304 Lyndon Rd. West, Hastings

Register: Heidi Beck 021 33 52 33 or Jane Pritchard 027 2333 343 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Hastings Grey Power calls for fewer weasel words surrounding surgery waiting lists.


Yesterday's announcement by Health Minister Jonathan Coleman that Budget 2015 will include $98 million for elective surgery over three to four years should be seen for what it is – a drop in the bucket in an effort to appease thousands of concerned New Zealanders, Labour’s Health spokesperson Annette King says.

“This will be greeted by the sector with an awful sense of déjà vu. It is a re-announcement with a little gift wrapping.

“The Minister’s predecessor Tony Ryall, using exactly the same words as Mr Coleman – ‘elective surgery makes a real difference to patients and their families’ – announced $48 million of this funding in last year’s budget.

“Jonathan Coleman has been under attack from all sides about the increasing numbers of Kiwis being rejected for a first consultation with a specialist or being kept out of operating theatres because they don’t meet pain thresholds.

“At the same time he has repeatedly denied there’s a problem.

“Now he thinks he’s fixing it with $50 million over three years. Do the maths – that’s on average $833,000 per year for each of the 20 district health boards.

“We welcome any moves to help in this area, but to steal a line from members of Hastings Grey Power: more honesty and fewer weasel words please Mr Coleman.”

Ms King asked Mr Coleman what reply did he give to Grey Power Hastings, who wrote to him and the local member of Parliament, Craig Foss, on 4 March telling him how concerned they were about the rejection letters older people in the Hawke’s Bay were receiving and asking for "more honesty and fewer weasel words".

Mr Coleman replied that in Hawke’s Bay, the percentage of first specialist appointments had increased by 41 percent over the last 6 years, and there has been a major uplift in elective surgery as well.

Hawke's Bays 14 step process, an example of waiting lists to get on waiting lists.


Waiting lists to get on waiting lists are the new norm for thousands of New Zealanders living with chronic health problems, Labour’s Health spokesperson Annette King says.

"The Government’s underfunding of the health sector is forcing district health boards to create all manner of loopholes to keep people off waiting lists for first specialist assessments and surgery.

"Hawke’s Bay uses a 14-step process to assess the needs of orthopaedic patients there, with four ‘pathways’ to manage people back to their GPs.

"In Taranaki some 884 patients with hip or knee problems were refused a first specialist assessment last year, up 142 per cent on 2012.

"Thresholds for surgery also differ drastically, meaning different waiting times for patients with equal needs depending on where they live.

"These are real people being left in limbo, not numbers on a spreadsheet. They have real issues that need resolving.

"Keeping them in a holding pattern ensures they count for nothing. If current Health Minister Jonathan Coleman is going to do any better than his predecessor then he should look into what’s going on with our DHBs and their ‘waiting’ waiting lists.

"I am calling on the Minister to ask the Auditor-General to do exactly that," Annette King says.

Duck shooters injured after their vehicle rolls in Central Hawke's Bay


The Palmerston North based Rescue Helicopter was dispatched to a remote rural property near Oueroa, east of Waipukurau, early Saturday afternoon following a vehicle accident in which 6 occupants received injuries when the ute they were using rolled down a steep hill.

The most seriously injured was a 24 year old from Waipukurau who sustained pelvic and back injuries when he was thrown from the back of the rolling vehicle.

The second patient, also 24, from Tikokino sustained upper body injuries.

Both patients were stabilised at the scene by St John Ambulance Intensive Care Paramedics before being airlifted to Hastings Hospital.

The remaining injured were treated at the scene by road ambulance crews who had been transported into the farm in 4x4 Vehicles.

The rescue Helicopter was dispatched due to the remote location and serious nature of the injuries.


Hawke's Bay swings into action for World Smokefree Month


A series of smokefree car demonstrations start tomorrow (Friday, May 1), as part of a month of activity leading in to World Smokefree Day on Sunday, May 31.

The first demonstration will be outside Napier Library between 11am and 2pm, with others to follow in Hastings, Wairoa, Central Hawke’s Bay and Napier.

The effect of smoke in cars is simulated using a fog machine.

"Smokefree car demonstrations are a call for action," Johanna Wilson, spokesperson for the Hawke’s Bay and Chatham Island Smokefree Coalition says. "They’re highlighting the message ‘don’t expose others to second-hand smoke, especially children’.

"Surveys have shown that Kiwis are almost unanimously against smoking in cars carrying young children, with even more than 80 percent of smokers saying ‘no’ to smoking when the passengers are aged 14 and under.

"As yet there has been no active government intervention to protect New Zealand children from tobacco smoke pollution in cars, so it is important to encourage people to stop this kind of behaviour."

Which is why the Smokefree Coalition are making a renewed push, including on-site surveys asking the public if they are for or against smoking in cars. The results will be shared with the local territorial authority, Tobacco Control, Action on Smoking and Health New Zealand (ASH), the Health Promotion Agency and local MPs.

Other promotions occurring during May include World Smokefree Day displays at General Practices, libraries and Hawke’s Bay District Health Board premises throughout the province, and a debate during national Youth Week.

"The Smokefree Coalition are committed to making May a month of smokefree promotion," Mrs Wilson said. "We want to encourage more people to quit smoking by raising awareness of how people can become smokefree, and the support that is available to them. It will be better for their health, their family’s health and their pocket."

Smokefree Car Demonstrations

Friday, May 1 Napier, Napier Library, Station St

Wednesday, May 6 Napier, Te Kupenga Hauora, 5 Sale St

Saturday, May 16 Hastings, Iron Camberley Duathlon, Kirkpatrick Park

Thursday, May 21 Wairoa, The Mall, CBD

Saturday, May 30 Napier, Pirates Club Day, Tremain Field, Clyde Jeffery Drive

Details of a demonstration in Takapau have yet to be finalised.

Leading primary health facility to be built in Hastings


Hastings is set to get a major new primary health centre in 2017. This new centre, which will be one of the largest and most advanced in New Zealand, will offer everything from regular doctors’ visits through to after hour’s emergency care.

This facility will be the result of the intended joining of Totara Health and The Hastings Health Centre to create one of New Zealand’s largest medical practices.

“This is an incredibly exciting development for primary health provision in Hawke’s Bay,” said Hayley Anderson, Chief Executive of The Hastings Health Centre. “This joining of two medical practices and the development of the new primary health facility will create options leading to better health care for Hawke’s Bay people and a better experience for patients.”

The new medical practice will have 40 doctors, 50 nurses, employ 70 other staff and service 38,000 patients. The new primary health centre will be a multi-million dollar investment.

Totara Health Managing Director Howard Dickson said “we will have the scale and ability to invest in our patients, ensuring that their health is at the centre of everything we do. We will have the ability to have everything on-site in world-class facilities while ensuring that patients can continue to see their own doctor or nurse. We plan to deliver an outstanding patient experience”

“This is a great opportunity for everyone. Patients will keep their existing relationship with their doctor in new and better facilities, in a central Hastings location with good parking whilst enjoying enhanced services and facilities at Totara Health’s facility in Flaxmere.”

Ms Anderson added “the new Hastings facility will not be built until 2017 so in the short-term patients will see no difference. They should continue to contact their current medical practice and doctor if they need an appointment.

“We plan to consult widely with interested parties as we develop the design for the site. That includes staff, patients, Iwi, the PHO and DHB and other primary health providers. We are also open to working with other medical practices if they want to be involved.”

Hawke's Bay maternity services humbled by baby coffins donation


When Grace Terry’s husband Roger cut off half of his left thumb in an accident at home it proved to be a case of one man’s misfortune is Hawke’s Bay Hospital’s Maternity Services gain.

While Roger was being patched up at the hospital, the former nurse found time to catch up with midwives. During conversation she learned that there was no budget for baby coffins.

The service’s Butterfly Room provided some options for families who found themselves in the unfortunate position of losing a child while at the hospital - beautiful woven flax baskets with overlapping lids and colourful box caskets. But fully lined, sturdily built coffins were not available.

Within 16 months the energetic septuagenarian has gone on to form The DIY Coffin Club for Hawke’s Bay, found a venue for the now 75-strong membership to gather in every Tuesday morning, and encouraged work to start on coffins big and small. This week Grace and her helpers returned to Hawke’s Bay Hospital to deliver seven superbly crafted and beautifully lined baby coffins, all of different sizes and colours.

Designed and built by John Jones, interior decorated by Pauline Manuera and Elma Nepia under the art direction of Carol Dobbs, their arrival left Maternity Services - Ata Rangi staff humbled.

"To lose a child is probably the most traumatic event in one’s life," said Acting Chief Operating Officer Rika Hentschel. "To be able to put our little ones in such a fantastic space, made by work completed with love and respect is simply wonderful."

SANDS Hawke’s Bay, a voluntary organisation which support parents and families who experience the death of a child either during pregnancy, or as a baby or infant said the coffins would make a real difference to grieving parents.

In a joint statement spokespersons Deb Biggs and Kerry Debenham, both of whom have lost babies, said, "There’s nothing more difficult than taking home a baby that has died, but to be given something as beautiful as this to take them home in will be a great comfort at a difficult time."

Grace Terry said her club would continue to meet the service’s needs for coffins into the future.

"With baby coffins ranging in price from $200 upwards it’s our club’s pleasure to be taking away financial stress at a time of great emotional distress," Grace said. "If the burden of grief can be lessened, then the road to healing can be that much smoother.

"I’ve got good keen blokes - retired tradesman - building them. Everything is completed according to the law, outside and inside. The interior is designed in such a way as to ensure parents have the opportunity to take their child home.

"We can make a big difference to the families of these children, but we’re also helping ourselves as mature people through social connection."

Oscar night planned for the world premiere of a movie featuring Hawke's Bay Hospital Chaplains.


An Oscar night event is planned for the world premiere of a movie featuring Hawke’s Bay Hospital Chaplains and their moving work with patients and staff.

Hospital Chaplaincy in NZ, shot mainly at the Hawke’s Bay District Health Board last year, will premiere in Hastings early next month.

An American film crew, brought to New Zealand by a benefactor, spent three days at Hawke’s Bay Hospital filming with Hospital Coordinating Chaplain Rev. Barbara Walker.
Their spotlight on the work hospital chaplains do also features patients, their families and hospital staff.

Aerial shots of Hawke’s Bay’s scenic diversity, courtesy of the Lowe Corporation Rescue Helicopter, also feature in the film.

The crew later visited hospital chaplains in the Wellington region.

Rev. Barbara Walker said: “The film is very moving, of excellent quality and we are planning to celebrate with an Oscar style event for the premiere.”

The evening will also feature a Minister of a different type – the National Government’s Minister for the Community and Voluntary Sector Jo Goodhew. A former nurse, she was interviewed for the film sharing her personal experiences of hospital chaplaincy, and commenting on its importance in modern hospitals. She will also present the Oscars.

Dubbed as a Pink Carpet Evening with formal dress, the premiere of Hospital Chaplaincy in NZ will be held at Hastings Girls’ High School Hall at 7:30pm on May 1. Serving as a fundraiser for Hawke’s Bay Hospital Chaplaincy, tickets are available by calling: 8788109 extension 2611.

Emergency services rush to a gas leak in Napier.


Emergency services rushed to a lab in Napier following an apparent gas leak at around 11.20am.

Three ambulances and four fire trucks were sent to the Analytical Research Laboratory on Waitangi Road, Awatoto.

Although several people required treatment at the scene, nobody needed to be taken to hospital. 

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