Law & Order


A motorcyclist was killed in an accident involving an overseas driver on the Napier-Taupo Road this morning at Eskdale, about 20 kms north of Napier.

This accident involved a motor car and a motorcycle, both of which were heading north on the section of State Highway 5.

The motorcyclist killed was part of a group of friends and family travelling north from Napier, police said.

The driver of the motor vehicle involved is a tourist visiting on a 12 month working visa.

Police were speaking to the occupants of the vehicle that was involved, and a number of other witnesses to this sad event.

The road was closed to allow the Hawke's Bay Serious Crash team to investigate the  fatal accident.

There were diversions in place at Hill Rd and Seafield Roads at Bay view after the accident, which occurred around 9.55am.. 

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