Law & Order


Police caught "a very athletic" burglar in Hastings early this morning after he led them on a game of cat and mouse for 30 minutes, running in and out of properties and climbing over fences.

The burglar was caught in a Tomoana Rd property after he was disturbed at an address in York Ave Hastings.

Residents alerted police, who cordoned off an area of Tomoana Road, Fitzroy Ave and Whitehead Road.

As the burglar ran into and out of properties or climbed over fences he was spotted by residents, and police staff.

After about half-an-hour of "cat and mouse" the suspect was caught and taken into custody, police said.

They wanted to thank everyone who helped with the "good catch", and asked residents in the York Street, Tomoana Road, Fitzroy Avenue and Whitehead Road properties to check for a white T-shirt or singlet top that was discarded by the burglar.

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