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Police investigating the deaths of three Mongrel Mob members in a crash in northern Hawke's Bay at the weekend say rumours and misinformation are causing undue concern in the community.

Terry Stone, 31, Ronald Rigby, 53, and Nathan Isaac, 29, all Wairoa Mongrel Mob members, were travelling to Hastings for the gang's 50th anniversary celebrations when their car left the road at the top of a hill near the Mohaka Viaduct, and plummeted 150m down a sheer bank and into the river. One gang member in the car survived.

Police say claims have been made in mainstream media and social media that gang retribution is imminent after Saturday's crash, near Wairoa,  and retaliation is expected from rival gangs.

But Inspector Dean Clifford said police had received no reports of gang clashes or altercations and the rumour mill had been "working overtime" about incidents that had no basis or truth to them.

"We urge everyone to calm down and stop spreading rumours about things that have not actually happened.

 We have heard numerous stories about gang activities that are not true and unfortunately media and social media are only fuelling the speculation,  misinformation and rumours.

"This is very unhelpful and we echo comments made over the last few days from others - just let police do their job.

 Rumours and speculation help no-one and in fact can cause more damage to the community, he said.

"If there are gang flare-ups or confrontation, police will deal with it appropriately," Mr Clifford said.

Police investigating the crash re-interviewed the crash survivor.

He has made a statement to police, the details of which will not be made public as it is part of the police investigation into the incident.

A forensic examination of the crashed car continues in Gisborne and may not be finished until the end of the week. Police are still searching for a blue car they say may have been involved in the accident. Speculation has been rife on social media that a rival gang might have forced the car off the road and caused the triple fatality.

Detective Senior Sergeant Brent Greville said numerous people had come forward with information about the crash, including those who had arrived on the scene after it happened.

"We are still keen to talk to anyone who actually saw the crash, as this will help us piece together what happened.

We are also still looking for sightings of a blue Japanese-make car that may have also been involved in the incident," Mr Greville said.

Meanwhile, extra staff will be brought into Wairoa this weekend for the tangi of the men who died in the crash.

Police will be monitoring the event and will respond if necessary to any trouble.


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