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Hawke's Bay businessman loses his appeal.


Hawke's Bay businessman Rodney Green has lost his appeal after he was convicted in May last year for indecently assaulting his Hummer limousine chauffeur.

Mr Green was sentenced to 175 hours' community work and ordered to pay the woman $3000 emotional harm reparation after he was found guilty of grabbing the woman's breast and trying to kiss her.

At the time of the incident in January 2012 the employee had been transporting Mr Green from a charity boxing event at the Pettigrew Green Arena in Taradale.

Mr Green lodged an appeal against his convictions and argued that new evidence supplied by a doctor showed it had been wrong to link the womans bruises to the allegations made against him.

The doctors evidence highlighted different factors that affected the way bruises aged but Mr Green's appeal was dismissed.

The Court of Appeal said the new evidence was simply a general statement and irrelevant.



Napier sports club left fuming over vandalism.


A Napier sports club was left fuming after a vehicle drove onto an adjoining field and ripped it up in what can only be described as a blatant act of vandalism.

Napier Pirates Rugby and Sports have security camera footage of a double cab ute driving towards their clubrooms and Tamatea Park at a little after 11pm last Saturday night.

The throughway presented the only viable access to the sports field and the club is calling for help from the public to help find the vandals.

Two nearby grass areas, one at Anderson Park and another at Park Island, were also believed to have been vandalised around the same time.

Short term solution is a victory of sorts for community policing in Hawke's Bay.


The decision by Eastern District police management to put more officers in the community while they wait for new headquarters to be built has been billed as a short term victory for the little guy.

Concerns over the need for a greater police presence in small communities such as Clive have been raised and prompted local resident Ann Redstone to start a petition to "Keep police at the heart of our Hawke's Bay communities", CLICK HERE to sign the petition.

Following the announcement that Napier and Hastings will each get a new police headquarters a decision was then made that entire units would be moved into community stations while the buildings were being completed.

However once the new stations are opened the centralisation of police services looks set to commence and community policing will most probably be gone forever.

The restructure is part of a nationwide plan to create a better, more efficient police force with community stations being viewed as an unnecessary resource.


Hastings mum pleads guilty to drunken school run.


A Hastings mother has pleaded guilty to a raft of charges after police were forced to pull her over during a drunken school run.

On the morning of May 6th Beverly Hale was seen driving erratically along Wall Road and was followed by a concerned driver.

Ms Hale dropped her child off at Hastings Central School and hit a parked car while attempting to do a u-turn.

Police took Ms Hale to the station and processed her for drink driving after refusing to have a blood sample taken.

She was charged with refusing to give a blood sample and dangerous driving, as well as two mistreatment charges which relate to her children not wearing seatbelts at the time of the offending.

Child, Youth and Family (CYF) have been involved in the case and are currently working with the family to ensure the ongoing safety and wellbeing of the children.


The drunken antics of a Hastings woman causes flight delays.


A Hastings woman has pleaded guilty to charges of disorderly behaviour and assaulting police following an incident onboard an Air New Zealand flight earlier this month.

Demelza Matenga, aged 26, had been on a flight from Auckland to Napier when she became obnoxious towards crew members and refused to store her carry-on bag in the overhead locker.

Concerns over her behavior forced the pilot to return to Auckland Airport and police boarded the plane once they landed.

Ms Matenga continued to be abusive which resulted in her arrest and when a constable attempted to speak to her she spat at him.

During Ms Matenga's hearing in Hastings District Court her lawyer revealed that her client had been drinking before boarding the flight.

Ms Matenga was sentenced to 80 hours community work.



Hawke's Bay's Garth McVicar says the Government needs to get serious about sex offenders.


The Founder of New Zealand’s largest privately funded Victims’ Rights and Justice Reform organisation says the Prime Minister doesn’t seem to understand the issues around paedophilia, the prolific nature of it and the harm paedophiles are causing to children.

Garth and Anne McVicar established the Sensible Sentencing Trust in 2001 as a response to their concerns about escalating violent crime and deteriorating social standards. With four daughters Garth and Anne believe they have a pretty big stake in the future direction of NZ.

From the humble beginnings on a farm in the Hawke’s Bay Sensible Sentencing Trust today has many thousands of supporters throughout New Zealand and has chalked up many wins which have contributed significantly to a drop in recorded violent crime.

Most recently the Government announced it would sign up to an agreement to establish a register to allow monitoring and information sharing about deported trans-Tasman criminals.

The trans-Tasman agreement is an idea the SST has been promoting for at least five years but McVicar says what the Govt has signed up to does not go far enough.

"This agreement will only allow the information to be shared amongst selected officials who mostly work an 8 to 5 daytime job, in contrast the criminals’ work 24/7 and are most prolific at night."

McVicar says if the Government is serious about public protection then it must establish a publicly available sex-offender register.

"There are about 100 high risk offenders being deported back to New Zealand every year, the Police will not be able to monitor them all and will need the eyes and ears of the community to help them."

The PM says such a register will cause vigilantism https://www.tvnz.co.nz/one-news/new-zealand/public-sex-offender-register-would-encourage-vigilantes-pm-q02286.html

McVicar strongly disagrees and says the PM is either badly advised or is prepared to ignore the harm paedophiles are causing to vulnerable young children.

"New Zealand has a horrific level of child abuse with life-long ramifications to the children and families concerned. This trans-Tasman agreement will see many more sex-offenders released into unsuspecting communities. That is not acceptable and we [SST] believe children deserve much better."

SST already operates a publicly available offender register at www.sst.org.nz which lists many offenders including two of the more recent trans-Tasman deportees.

http://offenders.sst.org.nz/offender.aspx?id=6198 & http://offenders.sst.org.nz/offender.aspx?id=6199

McVicar is urging the public to support SST in its drive for a publicly available sex-offender register. This is about the public’s right to know who lives amongst us and the risk they pose.

Ruthless burglars strip a Hastings primary school PE shed.


A Hastings primary school is now without its sports gear after burglars stripped a PE shed of its contents over the weekend.

The burglary was discovered at Riverslea School in Mayfair yesterday morning by a staff member. A lock on the PE shed had been forced and everything in the shed was taken. The stolen items included rugby and soccer balls, skipping ropes, cricket bats, trolleys, tennis balls and bats. The balls are marked with the school’s name in permanent marker pen.

The break-in has occurred some time over the weekend. Police are seeking information about any suspicious behaviour in the Beatty St area over the weekend, including strange vehicles. The thieves may have used a vehicle to transport the gear, so any sightings of vehicles in the vicinity of the school at any time over the weekend should be reported to police.

Anyone with information about the burglary should contact ISU at HB Police on 06 8310816 or information can be left anonymously on Crimestoppers 0800 555 111..

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