The Lowe Corp Rescue Helicopter at Sunrise Hut in the snow-crusted Ruahine Ranges during Thursday morning's rescue. Supplied

The recent heavy snowfall posed some challenges for the crew of the Hawke's Bay Lowe Corporation Rescue Helicopter during a rescue mission this morning.

The rescue helicopter was called to Sunrise Hut in the Ruahine National Park in Central Hawke's Bay around 8am this morning after a female aged in her 30s had fallen from her bunk and sustained a shoulder injury.

Not only did low cloud in the area make it difficult to get to the hut, which was already blanketed with two feet of snow, video footage below shows crew member Geoff Taylor having to first locate the helipad buried under the snow, so pilot Jeremy Bruce could put the helicopter down safely.

The injured woman was transported to Hawke’s Bay Fallen Soldier’s Memorial Hospital in Hastings for further treatment.

Timber by EMSIEN-3 LTD