aaPickles with Searlait Edmonds and Anne Marie Tennant Small

Work and Life Skills students Searlait Edmonds from Clive (left) and Anne-Marie Tennant from Napier take a turn at feeding Pickles. Supplied.  

Pickles may be tiny but she’s proving big on star appeal with EIT students and staff.  

Owned by Work and Life Skills tutor Katy Kenah, Pickles the kid goat is sharing a classroom with 23 students who are learning about her care.  The students help toilet her, feed her bottles of milk and ensure she is well exercised, taking her with them on mail runs around the campus. 

Just one week old, Pickles had already visited the Otatara Children’s Centre, the nursing and education and social services buildings and the Tim Twist Library.  Wherever she goes, she’s pursued by people wanting to take photos on their mobile phones.  

Pickles came from a dairy farm that stocks 1000 does and kids.  However, she is destined for a quieter life – once she is weaned off her day-time bottle of milk, she’ll be joining three other goats on Katy’s lifestyle block at White Pine Bush.

In the meantime, the Work and Life Skills students are enjoying their hands-on lessons in animal care, giving the kid lots of cuddles and ensuring that her nibbling instinct doesn’t inflict too much damage to fingers, hair, shoelaces and bags.


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