Hawke's Bay Bridge collapses on French tourists plunging them into the river beneath!

The four tourists were at the end of their multi-day tramp along Lake Waikaremoana last month when they arrived at the Hopuruahine bridge near the track's pick-up and drop-off point.

Video filmed by one of the tourists and posted on YouTube shows the tourists walking along the bridge before the structure gives way and the party plunges into the river.

The Department of Conservation confirmed last month a cable broke as they crossed and the group plunged about eight metres into the river below.

The tourists had some minor cuts and bruises but were not seriously hurt.

A cable on the Hopu Ruahine Bridge on the Lake Waikaremoana track in northern Hawke's Bay, snapped early last month.

A manufacturing fault was blamed for causing the suspension bridge to break.

An engineering report revealed there was a defect in a section of the high-tensile steel chain used in the construction of the 65m long bridge in 1996.

The tourists escaped without serious injury.

The Lake Waikaremoana Track is one of New Zealand's heavily marketed nine Great Walks.
The 46-kilometre tramp takes between three and four days to complete and features views from Panekire Bluff along with the Korokoro Falls.

The park is jointly run by DOC and Tuhoe and is still open to the public.

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