A number of large exotic trees beside Havelock North’s Karamū Stream will shortly be felled to make way for native species.

21 poplar and 17 walnut trees have been identified by an arborist as posing a potential safety hazard for nearby landowners and members of the public.

These trees are being felled in conversation with the Mary Doyle Retirement Complex, who are due to develop a site adjacent to the stand of poplar trees, which are visible from Crosses Road bridge.

Immediately beneath the poplars is an already generating understory of native eucalypts, figs, pittosporum and flaxes, which will come through once the poplars are removed.

Hawke’s Bay Regional Council manages the land beside Karamū Stream.

The job of removing these mature trees will occur using safe site practices which may require temporary restrictions to streambank access.

Initial community feedback has already been sought from Havelock North’s Karamū Enhancement Group. Any further public comments on this process should be directed to Antony Rewcastle, HBRC’s Open Spaces Development Officer by Monday 7 March, by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The trees will be felled during April.