Napier City Councillors will next week consider approving the tender processes to appoint a design team and a building contractor for the multi-use velodrome project.

Earlier this year Council included $5,000,000 of funding in the 2015 to 2025 Long Term Plan for the development of a $15,000,000 multi-use indoor velodrome subject to the outcome of a detailed business case and partnership funding.

While work has already begun on the detailed business case, a key component of it is developing a preliminary design concept and robust site-based construction cost.

The successful tenderers will work with Council’s project team to develop a preliminary design and costing which will be reviewed for Council by an independent quantity surveyor. The design and costing will then be included in the detailed business case for Council consideration. Should Council resolve to not proceed beyond the preliminary design stage then the contracts will be at an end.

The tenders will be issued on or after 17 December 2015 and will close on 12 February 2016. It is expected that the outcomes will be advised in March 2016.

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