The holidays are almost here and all over Napier primary-school kids are gearing up for the ever-popular children’s Summer Reading Programme. This annual library event aims to encourage and promote books, libraries, and the fun of reading to children through incentive awards, activities, and entertainments.  More can be found about this here

But ancillary to this is the iRead reading programme for teenagers (years 7 and up). This is designed to be an individually-driven programme, reflecting the more independent nature of our teenage patrons. 

Participants are given a review booklet to keep track of their reading throughout the holidays. As they read they write reviews, as briefly or as fully as they like. After completing three reviews they visit the library and are allowed to pick a brand-new book from among our varied selection of holiday programme prize books. Participants can earn two books in any one week, and these are to keep — a reward for the reader’s work and an incentive to keep reading.

We also host teen events over the summer, though on a smaller scale than the primary school programme. This year we are hosting a gaming evening, and we’ll be winding up the programme with pizza at the beach and a trip to Laserforce.

iRead begins on the 7th of December, the same as the primary-level reading programme, but participants may register at Napier or Taradale libraries now. Places are limited, though.

More information on the teen reading programmes can be found here 

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