Napier Council to consider next steps in Multi-use Velodrome proposal


Napier City Councillors will next week consider approving the tender processes to appoint a design team and a building contractor for the multi-use velodrome project.

Earlier this year Council included $5,000,000 of funding in the 2015 to 2025 Long Term Plan for the development of a $15,000,000 multi-use indoor velodrome subject to the outcome of a detailed business case and partnership funding.

While work has already begun on the detailed business case, a key component of it is developing a preliminary design concept and robust site-based construction cost.

The successful tenderers will work with Council’s project team to develop a preliminary design and costing which will be reviewed for Council by an independent quantity surveyor. The design and costing will then be included in the detailed business case for Council consideration. Should Council resolve to not proceed beyond the preliminary design stage then the contracts will be at an end.

The tenders will be issued on or after 17 December 2015 and will close on 12 February 2016. It is expected that the outcomes will be advised in March 2016.

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Plans for Hawke's Bay's Waitangi Estuary to get star treatment


A $300,000 celestial star compass called Tū Hawaiki, consisting of 32 carved pou, is a major part of the $1million plan at Waitangi. 


Hawke’s Bay Regional Council’s Environment and Services (E&S) Committee recommended today to commit

$311,000 to kick-start ambitious plans for a $1million enhancement of Waitangi Regional Park.

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Hawke’s Bay Regional Council has received an application to increase Ammoniacal Nitroen discharge

AR 140519809

Hawke’s Bay Regional Council has received an application by the Central Hawke’s Bay District Council to substantially increase the concentration of Ammoniacal Nitroen coming from its Waipukurau wastewater treatment plant.

CHB District Council has upgraded its Waipawa and Waipukurau wastewater treatment plants to meet new standards required under new resource consents, which came into effect in October 2014.

The resource consents allow for a certain number of exceedances during a 12 month period. Earlier this year abatement notices were served on the CHB District Council after it failed to meet the required discharge standards.

With new clarifiers installed there were signs of improvement, however over the winter months there have been elevated concentrations of Ammoniacal Nitrogen, as the colder winter temperatures make it more difficult to achieve compliance. This was deemed sufficiently significant enough for HBRC to compel CHB District Council to take actions to remedy the situation.

CHB District Council has submitted a change of resource consent conditions for the Waipukurau plant seeking a change of the Ammoniacal Nitrogen discharge limits to align them with the new guidelines set out in Tukituki Plan Change 6.

The change sought would increase the concentration of Ammoniacal Nitrogen in the discharge by six times compared to the current limit.  The justification for allowing this increase is that in-river monitoring over the last five years has shown that the discharge has had little impact on the ecological health of the river.

HBRC has placed the application on hold while a review is made of the proposal.  Work is also being done to understand the reasoning and basis for the Ammoniacal Nitrogen limits currently imposed on the discharge. 

No decision has yet been made on whether the application will be notified or not.

Media contact

Helen Shea, Communications Specialist|P 06 833 8085, 027 662 5953

Susan Wylie, Senior Communications Coordinator | P 06 835 9208, 027 256 8549

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Hawke’s Bay Regional Council claim building networks is an essential tool


Building strong networks is the key to successfully implementing Tukituki Plan Change 6, according to the land management team at Hawke’s Bay Regional Council.

Acting Land Management Manager Nathan Heath summarised the work of his eight-strong team during the last financial year (to 30 June 2015).

“What it comes down to is leveraging the expertise of the team with strong primary sector relationships, to adapt and improve practices with landholders and operators,” says Nathan.

“As we get closer to deadlines for new land use rules, my team is working directly with support agencies in particular, but also land users to support best practise land use, bring in nutrient budgets and farm environment plans. All this can be stressful if you haven’t got your head around a plan of action to get to where you want to be, and my team are here to help work through this long-term process.”

Cr Rex Graham chairs HBRC’s Environment & Services Committee, and commended the Land Management team for their impressive effort and dedication to achieve large-scale change, both in the Tukituki catchment and across Hawke’s Bay, up into the east coast hill country.

Councillor comments ranged from forestry harvest issues needing to be tackled in the next 10-12 years, nutrient leaching related to arable farming, hill country work in northern HB and HBRC’s willow and poplar pole planting programme for erosion control.

The Land Management 2014-15 Annual Operational Report summarised the work programme relating to the National Policy Statement for Freshwater Management, a more strategic approach to hill country management, biodiversity protection, ecological enhancement and improving the environmental performance of forestry.

The report also identified a range of emerging issues for further consideration, including water quality issues in other catchments, i.e. Opoutama Beach, more involvement in intensive land uses and horticulture practices on the Heretaunga Plains, working more closely with iwi in priority sub-catchments, land management issues outside of priority catchment areas, wider communication and advertising of report findings and field day events, and the development of a Strategic Plan for Land Management.

Media contact

Cr Rex Graham, Chairman, Environment & Services Committee |P 021 424 972

Nathan Heath, Acting Manager Land Management |P 027 705 4060

Drew Broadley, Community Engagement Manager|P 06 835 2632, 027 445 8290

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A new area for Hawke's Bay freedom campers on Marine Parade

Pump Track toilet facilities media release2

From tomorrow the only place non-certified self-contained vehicles will be legally allowed to park overnight will be in a dedicated area 400m south of the Marine Parade Pump Track. The area has an amenities block that has a safe drinking water supply, plus two unisex toilets.

Existing freedom camping areas will only be available to certified self-contained vehicles and all the sites will be monitored to make sure all visitors are complying with the rules.

Napier City Council adopted the Napier City Freedom Camping Bylaw 2014 Amendment incorporating these changes at a meeting last month, effective from tomorrow (Wednesday 9 December). It followed on from a regulatory committee hearing of submissions on the review of the Council’s freedom camping bylaw in October.

Napier City Council Planning Manager, Richard Munneke, believed the bylaw amendment would go some way towards addressing issues which had arisen since the bylaw was introduced last year.

“We still want independent holidaymakers travelling in vehicles to come to Napier and have an enjoyable experience.”

The existing car park can be used by local residents as well as travellers.

For more information, see the Freedom Camping section on the Napier City Council website. A new interactive map and full details of the Amendment will be online from tomorrow.

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Summer Reading Programmes for Napier teens


The holidays are almost here and all over Napier primary-school kids are gearing up for the ever-popular children’s Summer Reading Programme. This annual library event aims to encourage and promote books, libraries, and the fun of reading to children through incentive awards, activities, and entertainments.  More can be found about this here

But ancillary to this is the iRead reading programme for teenagers (years 7 and up). This is designed to be an individually-driven programme, reflecting the more independent nature of our teenage patrons. 

Participants are given a review booklet to keep track of their reading throughout the holidays. As they read they write reviews, as briefly or as fully as they like. After completing three reviews they visit the library and are allowed to pick a brand-new book from among our varied selection of holiday programme prize books. Participants can earn two books in any one week, and these are to keep — a reward for the reader’s work and an incentive to keep reading.

We also host teen events over the summer, though on a smaller scale than the primary school programme. This year we are hosting a gaming evening, and we’ll be winding up the programme with pizza at the beach and a trip to Laserforce.

iRead begins on the 7th of December, the same as the primary-level reading programme, but participants may register at Napier or Taradale libraries now. Places are limited, though.

More information on the teen reading programmes can be found here 

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