Hawke’s Bay Civil Defence: Wairoa Rainfall and River Levels


After the steady rain through Sunday and Monday morning, the flows at many Wairoa rivers and streams are steady or rising more slowly. 

Wairoa River rose steadily in the early hours of Monday morning and will continue to rise slowly up about another 500mm during the day on Monday.  High tide was due at 11 am Monday morning and river levels near the Wairoa mouth should drop from around noon.  An easing sea swell should help the river levels to drop.  The Wairoa River mouth is open.

Wairoa Civil Defence Emergency Management says that there was river debris on Kopu Road and surface flooding on many roads and in Wairoa township.

Wairoa CDEM staff continue to monitor the situation and ask that people take care on roads and watch for roadside slips.

Over 24 hours the rainfall was around 180mm in places, while in some places half of that.  The rain is expected to ease off later today.

The forecast for the sea swell along HB coast is not causing concern. Although it is a sizable swell it is not unusual for this coastline.  The swell should peak around noon today which coincides with a high tide but does not have enough energy to breach barrier beaches.  

The swell forecast for Wednesday is for a longer swell (compared to the peaky one of today) which should only reach heights of around 60% of today’s seas. 

For more information on getting ready to get thru a civil defence emergency visit www.hbemergency.govt.nz or visit Hawke’s Bay Emergency on Facebook or Twitter.

Napier Council caters for pooches with their very own Dog Park.

dog park01

Following on from the success of the Dog agility Track at Park Island, Napier City Council has opened another new dog attraction.

The Napier Dog Park is located behind the Pettigrew Green Arena in Taradale and is completely fenced, similar to dog parks you might stumble across in overseas cities.

The Dog Park provides the perfect place for dog owners to let their dogs run free and socialise with other dogs without having to worry about them running away.

Napier City Council Planning Manager Richard Munneke said the usage of the new Dog Agility Track at Park Island has completely blown away the expectations they’ve had, so plans were fast tracked to have the new dog park ready for the spring and summer months.

“The Napier Dog Park also features a Dog Agility Track, dog drinking fountain and outdoor seating area like its Park Island cousin, the only major difference is that it is completely fenced.”

Usage of the Dog Park can be varied, from dogs that need to be socialised, require training or have limited recall.  It is particularly suited to owners who have limited mobility to take their dogs for long walks, or for young dogs who are still a little unpredictable off lead.

“In summary it’s a great place to take your dogs and let them be dogs, have fun and get plenty of exercise.”

The Great Local Band Competition is brand new idea from Hastings District Council


Bands who want their chance in the spotlight - and some cash - need to get a video together and get it up on-line before October 7.

A Hawkes Bay based-band will win a prize pack which includes being paid to play on stage at the A$P Show in October, a professional photo shoot, and the design of a logo for their band.

The Great Local Band Competition is brand new idea from Hastings District Council that fits within councils support of the Hawke’s Bay A&P Show.

Local bands can submit a video of their best song to the HDC Facebook page. The most liked band will win the headline spot on the Hastings –Heart of Hawke’s Bay community stage on Hawke’s Bay Anniversary Day (October 23). So that means the earlier its up for everyone to vote on, the better.

The Great Local Band Competition is the perfect chance for bands to swap the garage for the big stage and show Hawke’s Bay how they rock”, said councils events manager Craig Ireson.

The winning band will also be given tickets for their friends and family to attend the Hawke’s Bay A&P show to support them.

See: www.hastingsdc.govt.nz/greatlocalband

For more information:

Melissa Holm

Marketing and Communications Coordinator

021 147 8483

Joint Media Release from Hawke’s Bay’s Local Government Leaders


A major push for more shared services in Hawke’s Bay is a key outcome from a frank and constructive meeting of the region’s five local government leaders today after this week’s result from the amalgamation poll.

The Mayors of Napier, Hastings, Central Hawke’s Bay and Wairoa along with the Chairman of the Hawke’s Bay Regional Council met to discuss the result of the poll, which saw 66% of voters say no to amalgamation.

There is a strong commitment between the five leaders to significantly build on the work already done with shared services between councils. They are looking at opportunities to share the delivery of work such as building and roading. They intend to develop a new work programme for shared services over the next month.

The leaders say they spent time at today’s meeting clearing the air and have formed a positive view for the future of the region. They acknowledge more progress needs to be made.

They have made a commitment to meet more regularly and also plan to get all the region’s mayors and councillors together twice a year for group discussions.

The leaders also plan to meet with the Chairman of the Local Government Commission, Sir Wira Gardiner to discuss the referendum result and the role of the commission in the future.

They are requesting the inter-sector group, which includes the mayors, Chief Executives, District Health Board, Ngāti Kahungunu Iwi Incorporated, police, local MPs, social agencies and others to develop a more formal arrangement for meeting. They are recommending these meetings are open to the public as they feel it is a good vehicle to address some of the issues raised around the region.

The five leaders say there is no doubt they all have the same vision and want Hawke’s Bay to prosper.

This statement is released on behalf of: 
• Hawke’s Bay Regional Council Chairman – Fenton Wilson
• Napier Mayor – Bill Dalton
• Hastings Mayor – Lawrence Yule
• Central Hawke’s Bay Mayor – Peter Butler
• Wairoa Mayor – Craig Little

Date: 4:20PM 17/09/2015 Public version National Warning: Tsunami Marine and Beach Threat



Issued at 16:15 hours on 17/09/15

The Ministry of Civil Defence & Emergency Management (MCDEM) has issued a tsunami warning (marine and beach threat) for Chatham Islands and East Coast New Zealand. Please See the attached map for affected areas.

People in coastal areas should:

1. Stay out of the water (sea, rivers and estuaries, including boating activities)

2. Stay off beaches and shore areas

3. Do not go sightseeing

4. Share this information with family, neighbours and friends

5. Listen to the radio and/or TV for updates

6. Follow instructions of local civil defence authorities

The tsunami warning will remain in effect until a cancellation message is issued by MCDEM. Updates will be issued hourly.

Only messages issued by MCDEM represent the official warning status for New Zealand, not those issued by the Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre (PTWC).

This warning has been issued to all local civil defence authorities, emergency services, other agencies and media. Local civil defence authorities will interpret this information for their areas and advise public action via local radio stations.

More Detail

Wave heights of between 0.2-1m can be expected for much of the East Coast of the entire New Zealand coast (please refer to attached map) and Chatham Island. The northern region of Chatham Islands will most likely experience wave heights in the higher portion of the 0.2m-1m band.

All other areas of New Zealand should take care of unusual currents if they are at the beach.

The next Tsunami Experts Panel meeting will be held at 4pm, further modelling should be completed by then that includes a more refined earthquake source.

Areas under ‘Marine and Beach Threat’: Expect unusually strong currents and unpredictable water flows near the shore. This means a threat to beach, harbour, estuary and small boat activities. The severity of currents and changing water flows will vary within a particular coastal area and over the period this warning is in effect. Current assessments indicate that coastal inundation (flooding of land areas near the shore) is not expected but this assessment may change.

Note: The wave amplitudes given indicate the largest expected wave activity at any coastal point in the particular coastal zone and at any time during the entire period this warning is in effect (tsunami activity will vary in a zone and with time; the first wave activity may also not be the largest).

The given amplitudes do not include the local tidal or sea state at the time of tsunami activity.

Local authorities will determine the implication of the expected wave heights for their areas and will decide on appropriate response actions (e.g. evacuations). Listen or check for this information from your local authority.

The first tsunami activity may reach New Zealand in the areas around Chatham Islands at approximately 23:00hrs. This may be later and the first activity may not be the most significant. Tsunami activity will continue for several hours and the threat must be regarded as real until this warning is cancelled.

This warning has been issued to all local civil defence authorities, emergency services, other agencies and media. MCDEM and scientific advisors are closely monitoring the situation to update this assessment. Information will be updated or repeated at least hourly until this warning is cancelled. Also see www.civildefence.govt.nz

Information for emergency managers

An earthquake has occurred with these parameters: Origin time:22:54 UTC SEP16

NZ time:10:54 NZST 16/09/15

Co-ordinates:31.5S, 72.0W

Depth: 10km/6Miles

Location:Near central coast of Chile

Magnitude: 8.3

The above magnitude is provisional and may be increased or decreased as more seismic data becomes available.

Estimates of expected earliest wave arrival times are as follows:

Note: These times are provisional and based on the best information available. Arrival times may be as much as one hour later and may be adjusted in subsequent messages. LocationEarliest Wave Arrival Time

Chatham Islands-Kaingaroa0.7m, 23:00, 17/09/15

Chatham Islands-Waitangi 0.7m, 23:00, 17/09/15

North Cape0.3m, 00:47, 18/09/15

Whangarei No Information

Auckland East01:38, 18/9/15

Auckland WestNo Information

Mt Maunganui No Information

East Cape 0.3m, 00:21, 18/9/15

Gisborne 0.3m, 00:21, 18/9/15

New Plymouth No Information

Napier No Information

WanganuiNo Information

Wellington 00:25, 18/9/15

Nelson No Information

Marlborough Sounds No Information

Westport No Information

Greymouth No Information

LytteltonNo Information

TimaruNo Information

Milford SoundNo Information

DunedinNo Information

BluffNo Information

Stewart IslandNo Information

Estimates of expected threat levels are as per the attached map.

Local and regional/Group Civil Defence Emergency Management must:

1. Maintain activation of appropriate response coordination arrangements and communication processes

2. Keep potentially at-risk communities informed as appropriate

3. Maintain contact with the NCMC (CDEM Groups only)

4. Stand by for further information.

Local CDEM to act in coordination with regional/Group CDEM.

Local emergency services must establish and maintain active response coordination with respective local and regional/Group Civil Defence Emergency Management.

MCDEM has activated the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with public broadcasters to broadcast this warning.

NCMC status

The National Crisis Management Centre (NCMC) is activated. General enquiries(04) 494 6900

Media enquiries(04) 494 6951

EmailThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Satellite phone00881 621 465 606

Useful websites



Further updates

A further update with more information will follow within the next hour. Until a cancellation is issued updates will continue at least hourly. All further updates will be communicated by MCDEM via the national warning system.

Issued by

Message authorised by the National Controller, Civil Defence Emergency Management.

End of Message

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